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Why I Love New York: Everyday Magic, Day 107

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

  • One massively big window in a small room at our marvelously imaginative, clean, creative and location-location-location digs, Chelsea Lodge.

  • The Cloisters and mostly the park and setting it’s in with paths wrapping around in layers of rock, forests and breathtaking views.

  • Getting out the subway without any frickin’ idea of where we are and just walking whatever direction instinct calls.

  • Antica Venezia, the most astonishing restaurant of my life (and more on this later), and the elegant, warm and welcoming owner who calls me “Bella.”

  • Little surprises in Greenwich Village and all other places too.

  • Afternoon hot coca and espresso with a plate of assorted cookies that taste like heaven in, of course, Little Italy.

  • The light and how it reflects in buildings and across streets when it’s compressed and angled interesting ways

  • The north woods area of Central Park and its non-human inhabitants.

  • Subways underground that suddenly come out into the air and climb to way overground for a stop or two.

  • How you walk one more block and enter one more world, again and again.

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