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What Will You Do With Your One Wild & Precious Hour?: Everyday Magic, Days 112-113

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Here's what we're doing in this moment that Miyako, the little cat, is spending her extra hour attacking Judy, the big cat, in the ongoing war of being our home’s top cat. Since Judy attacked

  1. Mariah, the dog, is sleeping.

  2. Forest is catching up on homework.

  3. The front porch is dreaming of purple flowers.

  4. I’m going to clean the basement because, if the house is the metaphor for the life and the body, then the basement is either first chakra or the soul, and it needs major tidying.

  5. Ken is planning to write an article for Blue Sky Green Earth.

  6. The wind is up and running, doing its own version of the New York marathon in Kansas.

  7. The hedge apple tree over our parking place is going to drop its final osage oranges after already breaking Ken’s windshield.

  8. The apples on the counter are bathing in sunlight, unaware of how they may just be baked later on.

  9. The greenhouse is begging us to water all the plants just moved in from the outside.

  10. The big red rock on the side of the drive is considering its options.

  11. The refrigerator is dancing a jig when no one is watching.

  12. A doe is planning to walk through our swing set area to survey the bird feeder up ahead where she’ll return all winter to snack on fallen seed.

  13. Several flocks of blackbirds are migrating a little further today.

  14. The sewing machine and pile of fabric are singing out to me to give them a life for a while.

  15. The laundry is dreaming of transformation.

So that’s the news on our plans here. How will you use your one and precious hour?

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