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Welcome (Back) to the Everyday Magic Blog

Dear everyone,

I'm writing to you because my hunch is you were among the 2,000+ subscribers to my Everyday Magic blog.

It's a hunch because my actual subscriber list remains somewhere in a data multiverse from my former website, which crashed in early September. My soul brother Ravi is currently searching for the subscriber list -- which may or may not still exist -- in thousands of pages rescued from my former site.

I've missed doing blog posts, something I started in 2007 as core to my writing practice and also to communicate with real living people beyond the ones living in my head. So I put together a list of likely blog subscribers, and that's why you're receiving this today.

  • If you were a subscriber, welcome back on a much-improved and far more secure website. Thanks for hanging with me in the blogosphere.

  • If you weren't a subscriber but you're game for checking this out, welcome!

  • If you're not interested in receiving new blog post notifications (usually a few each month), you can click on the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of this email, and sorry for the interruption.

To thank you for your time, here are ten posts that caught my attention as I've been formatting every single one of about 1,000 posts (paragraphs and sometimes text were lost when the posts were in transit). In this extended excursion through what I've been living and writing, I put together this variety pack to share with you:

  1. "Why I Love the Hard-Won" -- The older I get, the more I admire the ones who find ways through.

  2. "Doe a Deer Lives to See Another Day" -- What happens when you ask the birds to talk to the does when a hunter is coming calling.

  3. "The Miracle of Laura Nyro" -- True love never dies, and thank heavens I fell for the music of Laura Nyro.

  4. "What Hugging Salt and Pepper Shakers Have to Do With My Life" -- From the way back machine, here is a post about empty nest syndrome, the show "Bones," and releasing a daughter to the wilds of Minnesota.

  5. "Writing With Wildlife" -- I write as much as I can outside, usually on porches, sometimes with mosquitos, hummingbirds, turkeys, and occasional deer.

  6. "The Peonies Where a Tornado, Cancer Diagnosis, and Pandemic Meet" -- Because sometimes that's what shows up.

  7. "Known and Lesser-Known Stages of Covid in Our House" -- In my first (and hopefully last) adventure with Covid, I discovered 29 stages. I'm sure there are many more.

  8. "To All the Young Adults I Love" -- Advice I wish I received when I was adulting up.

  9. "Dogs Are Better Than Us" -- But you already knew that, didn't you?

  10. "Finding Kansas (and That's All She Wrote)" -- How I went from the most-made-fun-of state (New Jersey) to the second most-made-fun-of state.

So welcome or welcome back. May you find homecoming wherever you are.

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