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Vermont Wander Day: Everyday Magic, Day 723

Updated: Sep 28, 2023


In Kansas, wander days have a different feel because we can generally see where we’re going from a long way off. In Vermont, the landscape is far more vertical with more sudden changes in the view.

Turn a corner, discover a valley, or climb a mountain and find it morphs into another mountain. Drive down one road and voila! — its name changes four times before turning back in Hwy. 14, which we kept finding ourselves on no matter where we think we’re going.

Some roads almost vanished, overtaken by trees moving in from the edges and water flowing down to its lowest level.

BBy the end, we have walked a bit through a hippie village, yuppie arts town, hidden summer camp (where we did, truth be told, steal a ginger cookie), one-general-store-one-horse-town, bubbling mini metropolis, and Italian-stonecutter-cemetary of wonder. We ended the day at the Wayside Diner, a down-home place to eat pork chops and mashed potatoes, before heading back to where we started, tired from driving and refreshed from wandering.

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