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The Parallel Universe of Maura: Everyday Magic, Day 195

Updated: Sep 30

Sandy, Serina and I even talked about how this was a parallel universe, yet also the essence of reality and unreality. How could Maura be gone when we were using her silverware, sitting on her furniture, telling her stories, and in Sandy’s case, even wearing her shoes? I remember a scene in the Temple Grandin movie I saw recently, in which Temple — played beautifully by Claire Danes — sees her beloved horse dead, and yells out, “Where did it go?” in amazement and a bit of horror. “It was there yesterday, and now it’s gone.” I feel the same way.

So I won’t: I’ll keep saying, “Hello, Maura” as well as “Where did you go?” I’ll keep carrying this universe in the center of what I know because in a parallel universe, while the rules can change, the love remains.

More Maura: “This is Maura” (poem) and Missing Maura

Pictures: Jarek with his children, Ellen and Andrei, and grandchildren Nicole, Natalie, Alex, Jacob, Andrew and Ethan; Ken, Sandy and Tony

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