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The Healing Power of the Body: Everyday Magic, Day 449

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

I’m always astonished that one day I can feel like thousands of miniature aliens are wreaking havoc on my sinus system, and the next day, all is well (and so am I). I’m as dismayed by how quickly strange viruses or other little hassles of living in a body can take hold. In between, there is the story the illness is telling, even if it’s one I can’t completely understand, about what’s out of balance.

Our bodies can circulate our blood, build and re-knit our bones, stretch and reach beyond our old limits, and generally re-align with health in short order, and not just when we’re young and agile. Our bodies can turn the poison of chemotherapy into a healing agent, heal rips and tears in many manner of extenuating circumstances (from sports injuries to childbirth) and still get up in the morning to step into the bathtub with time to spare. We can survive little sleep, too much indulgence in sweets or drinks, and a dizzying array of trauma, grief and shock. None of this is to say that we’re bionic beings who bounce back from everything forever, but for the most part, being alive is a continue parade of barely-noticeable miracles.

It is my understanding that all true healing is about transformation. This occurs when we invite spirit into the areas of our lives where there are problems – physical, emotional or mental – with the intention to shift energy and expand consciousness. As much as the body stores information about the cause of a problem or an illness, the body also reveals what is needed in order to heal.

While I don’t always know why I get sick, or what precisely my body is telling me about whatever is needed, I do know that being sick is a way to come to ground, and in that place, listen to what this body needs to be whole again……and then, remarkably — and not so much from force of will as from the magic of what a body can do, the transformation comes. For this, I’m thankful.

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