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Sweet Dreams from Vermont: Everyday Magic, Day 211

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Dark fills the windows, wind calls around us, and the wood stove in the basement sends up and out its steady hot breath. I listen to the quiet between wind gusts punctuated by occasional wind chimes, everything so peaceful after our wonderful meal of champagne, borscht, chicken and vegetables, and oranges. Gratitude rocks with me in this chair, a special award given to Joseph to honor his many years working with vision and heart for peace and justice.

I feel so at home that my mind can’t grasp how I woke up in Kansas this morning, stepping outside with only a sweater, wishing the kitties and dog goodbye, to come here.  Taxi to airport to plane to terminal to tunnel to other terminal to other plane to taxi finally deposited me where the snow and land climb high but the people seem the same (except wearing more layers).

Now it’s time to dream my Vermont dreams, probably of Kansas, just as I often dream of Vermont in the weeks after I land back in Kansas. Two places sharing space in my sleep just as they do in my heart. Wishing all of you your own sweet dreams wherever you land or travel.

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