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"Satan Called: He Wants His Weather Back": Everyday Magic, Day 370

Updated: Oct 3, 2023


If only. I would be more than happy to pack up this searing heat and send it below and beyond, but I’m afraid that the devil is chilling somewhere while we in Kansas (and other places) aren’t. It’s 100 degrees. It’s always 100 degrees. When it’s above 98, it doesn’t matter is it’s 99 or 105: it’s 100 degrees, and it will be everyday for as long as any weather forecast projects into the future. While I’m sure it will one day be cooler, like maybe in October, for now, this is what we have.

What to do with it? I find myself dragging from car to coffee shop, fueled by air-conditioning and iced coffee, pausing to melt into the ground on occasion. At yoga last night, despite the air-conditioning, I was surprised by how all of us could barely hold any position before collapsing into the floor. Luckily, the teacher understood how to herd us, and focused instead on back bends and heart openings.

Home later, I indulged in dinner, following this recipe:

  1. Cut cantaloupe in half

  2. Insert spoon

Dessert was some gazpacho and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Last night, dinner was simply ice cream and a plum. Ice has become downright sexy, and what I — as well as many of us — crave most. I mean, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Meanwhile, I tell myself there are ways to arrive right where I am without so much complaint or weather-wishing, but it’s probably at 5 a.m. when the temperature is only 80 degrees or so, and the spiders are migrating across the porch. Or it’s right now when I walk out of this slightly-too-cold coffee shop into the first blast of heat, bringing me back to the sauna (when there’s no wind) or dryer (when there is) of this summer.

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