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Ponderer of Ponderances: Poem for Bill Remmers: Everyday Magic, Day 711

Updated: Sep 29, 2023


Reconteur of reconteurs, astronomer of the coffee grounds,

wizard of the center table, potter to the stars, scientific boy genius

in the body of an old man, giant of the big ideas, speeding hedge apple

to the windshield of complicity, treader of the library’s holdings

most likely to be misfiled backwards on a bottom shelf,

lingerer supreme of the end-of-parties, shooting star across

the living room, emperor-of-all-time of the kitchen counter,

ecstatic heaven-dwelling booster of the dancing daughter,

better-than-Martha-Stewart-made centerpiece of the coffee clutch,

memory of the Merc, gossip filterer of most chiming surprises

right here in River City, advancer of the questions, answerer

of the conjunctions between a 1967 Topeka conversation in a

gas station and Mars land rover evolution 40 years from now,

russler of the big conversation that curves into quantum physics

and longest-lasting sandal debates, constellation-curio of

rooftops and barbecues involving homemade fireworks

and piles of telescopes, anthropologist from Mars who made us

believe we are and have always been Martians, human developer

of the darkroom you didn’t know was in your basement, formulator

of the life-saving formulas, chess deviant of the late afternoon, prover

of how you-don’t-have-to-be-a-rocket-scientist-but-it-helps-if-you-are,

lover of the stories told in canoes, on dance floors and over tofu gumbo,

sling-carrier of the glorious offspring, romancer and lucky recipient

of days and nights with Ruth, element-reader of the waltzing prairie,

Lord of the winged tale involving a road not on any maps, groom

of gratitude, devotee of the three-legged family, distractor of anything

linear or expected, night sky dreamer of the daring.

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