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My Hottest Writing: A Retrospective: Everyday Magic, Day 599

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Turkeys in our field vying for what shade they can find

Everyday I start to write about the heat, I realize what I’m prone to say has already been said, and what’s worse, by me last summer. So instead I offer this retrospective of life on a desert planet, otherwise known as much of the Midwest lately and more specifically from my vantage point, Kansas:

  1. “So Friggin’ Hot” — Written last summer in early June, long before I knew what months of so friggin’ hot truly were.

  2. “20 Things To Do When It’s Above 100 Degrees” — Now I just need 20 more things to do.

  3. “Acclimating to the Heat” — Strange, sad and true.

  4. “Wrung Out to Dry Instantly in the Heat” — When Kansas turns on its power motor.

Meanwhile, let’s toast a large glass of iced water to cooler days ahead, maybe even in the low 90s (be still, my heart!) and continue to inside-out and outside-in our lives in search of air-conditioning and joy.

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Blue Sky
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