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Writing as Divination

An Online Class To See Your Life Anew

September 9 - October 27

Come write your way into seeing your life -- your past, present, and future -- with new eyes in this welcoming online workshop that includes weekly online lessons with reflections and cool links as well as writing prompts and discussions you can do on your time each week. We support each other through encouraging responses to one another as well as through  two Zoom sessions and a mini-coaching session with Caryn. 

Writing can be a tool and practice of bringing to the surface what we need most to know, grapple with, and learn from now. Figuring out what to write and how to write it can also be a practice of wandering into a field with divining rods, looking for water. In this workshop, we’ll play (through innovative writing prompts) with how writing can bring us closer to the answers we most seek in our lives, or at least, allow us to cozy up much more with our most pressing questions and quandaries so that we can glimpse a wider perspective.

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Week by Week


Sept. 9 – 15: Week 1: Divining Everyday Magic: We can find in the ordinary all kinds of glimmers that bring a little more light, sparkle, and music to our everyday habits and habitats. Come discover how the workaday world is full of writing prompts in plain sight, and broaden your peripheral vision to make the visible even more visible through a writing practice that invites in the freshness of each moment.  Note: Our introductory Zoom session (an opportunity to get to know each other and do a little writing together) is Tues., Sept. 15 for an hour beginning at 8 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. CT/ 6 p.m. MT/ 5 p.m. PT.


Sept. 16 – 22: Week 2: Divining Origins:  By exploring our stories of origins – drawing from our stories from our family and ancestors  – we can better understand where we’ve come from and what freedom and wisdom we can seek and access in our writing. Looking at origin stories also gives us ample possibilities to see old stories in new skins, sometimes even in ways that help us break (or start to break) cycles of generational pain. We'll also aim toward unearthing and adding to generational and ancestral wisdom 


Sept. 23 – 29: Week 3: Divining Signs & Wonders: We live in a vibrant world full of ample signs and wonders provided to us as freely as the air we breathe (and sometimes those signs and wonders are the very air we breathe and weather we weather). Let your writing take you on treasure hunts to find your own best guidance, clarity, and delight in what you glimpse, witness, spark, or hear everyday and in your dreams.


Sept. 30 – Oct. 6: Week 4: Divining Dreams:  What we dream holds many cues and clues for how to live authentically. This week, we're explore our aspirational dreams (our goals and ideas of what we wanted and want to be or do) as well as our dreams when asleep (or how writing can sometimes help us better access those subconscious parades of stories). We'll also pay close attention to the symbols (whether images, music, or senses of motion) that reveal more of life to us.


Oct. 7 - 13: Week 5: Divining Callings: We can converse with our callings through our writing, finding what we are most drawn to discover, explore, and experience in our work, writing, and lives. This week, we'll aim our writing toward articulating what our lives are calling us to know, be, and do as well as how we can best connect with what we need to learn or unlearn, release or invite into our lives.


Oct. 14-20: Week 6: Divining Legacies: What we’re yearning for and trying to manifest now in your life speaks also to the living legacy you're sharing -- sometimes just by example -- with those around you. Furthermore, Writing can be a form of future-casting: helping us put forth our clearest intentions and discerning best  how to cozy up to those intentions in real time. Note: Our concluding Zoom session (a chance to celebrate each other and what we created) is Tues., Oct. 22 for an hour beginning at 8 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. CT/ 6 p.m. MT/ 5 p.m. PT.


We also have an extra week online -- Oct. 20-27 -- to finish responding to each other.


Class Ingredients

Each week, we'll engage online on a very accessible site called Wet Ink (a platform especially designed for writing classes), where you will read, listen, reflect, then share your new writing inspired by weekly prompts and your positive responses to each others' writing. Each week online includes:

  • Introduction to This Week's Focus

  • The Writer as Seeker: Read a  little essay  followed by a discussion question

  • Weekly Prompts: Choose from 4-5 writing prompts to spark new writing.

  • Visiting Writer: Read, watch, and listen to a featured writer who explores home and homecoming.

  • The Craft of the Page: Craft lessons and resources to further develop your writing.


The class includes two hour-long Zoom sessions from on Tuesdays Sept. 15 and Oct. 22,  7-8 p.m. CT/ 8-9 p.m. ET/ 6-7 p.m. MT/ 5-6 p.m.

You'll also have a one-on-one 20-minute coaching session with Caryn. 


Early Bird fee: $290 until Aug. 15/ Class fee: $320 regular rate Aug. 16 onward.


You can register by Venmo (Caryn-Goldberg-2, and please email Caryn so she has your contract info.), by check (email Caryn for details), or through Square right here.

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