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Kansas: Size DOES Matter: Everyday Magic, Day 444

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Tomorrow I drive a van load of poets about 400 miles to Southwestern Kansas for more of the Begin Again: 150 Kansas Poems tour. I’m amazed that I can drive 400 miles in my state and still be there, specifically because I grew up in a little state (New Jersey) that would fit into Kansas along with all of New England, Florida and several truckloads of chocolate. I’m also amazed that our very big state was given a less-than-big-hearted state slogan several years ago: “Kansas: As Big As You Think.” Such a slogan begs the question, “What if you think small?” Here are Ken and my suggestions for a better state slogan:

  1. Kansas: Bigger Than Bulgaria

  2. Kansas: Smaller Than Texas But Still Big

  3. Kansas: Better Than Missouri (at least Kansans think so)

  4. Kansas: More Than Just A Rest Stop Between You and Colorado

  5. Kansas: Nice People Who Vote Funny

  6. Kansas: Where Weather Rules

  7. Kansas: Even Dorothy Felt Compelled To Come Back

  8. Kansas: Jayhawks and Wildcats and Guerillas, Oh My!

  9. Kansas: Not Nearly As Big As Russia

  10. Kansas: We Like Pie

  11. Kansas: Where All Gas Stations Are Required to Offer Public Restrooms

  12. Kansas: Almost a Rectangle

  13. Kansas: Way Bigger Than a Breadbox

and our favorite:

  1. Kansas: Size DOES Matter!

So what your nominees for a new Kansas slogan?

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