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I'm Walking, Yes Indeed: Everyday Magic, Day 379

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Forest at Artie's Deli

So once again it’s New York City, and once again, it’s a walking marathon-frenzy-delight, this time with my sister Lauren, son Forest and niece Allison. Although we didn’t start until about 2 p.m. after we all traveled here and met in our hotel (located on Alec Baldwin’s block, so I keep rehearsing what I’ll say when I run into him) where we settled into rooms the size of matchboxes, we managed to get in about nine miles of the-world-changes-at-each-block travels.

Highlights of the day blur together somewhat, but here’s what stands out:

  1. Climbing out of the subway at 79th and Broadway in a long orderly line with people from around the world to emerge into pouring rain. Laughing and running to the nearest store, we found ourselves in Filene’s Basement (always a good thing) where Lauren and I twirled umbrellas and sang to a Chinese woman, “We’re singing in the rain.” We were about to purchase said umbrellas when the rain stopped. “Forget that,” Lauren said, and off we went….through major puddles on our way to very big Jewish food for dinner.

  2. “Yes, this!” Lauren said, pointing to Ellen’s Stardust Diner, where the wait staff bursts into song on a dime. We sat on the end of a horse-shoe shaped arrangement of diner-like tables where the waiter would climb up next to us and belt out the likes of Frank Sinatra or Paul McCarthy/John Lennon tunes. Our waiter, the talented and lovely Mark, did a killer duet with a woman of “Seymour” from “Little Shop of Horrors.”

  3. Looking for a place to rest tiring legs, we stepped into several different Starbucks in Chelsea, where we had whimsical conversations with friendly, handsome men of a certain country.

  4. The lobsters at Chelsea market (pictures coming) as well as many manner of doorway (which we’re photographing today).

  5. Wandering into a beautiful hotel, which shall stay unnamed, to lounge in the lounge. The secret to our success: acting like we were staying there among the sand-colored plush sofas and animal skin design fabrics in soft and tasteful lighting.

  6. Sampling the wonders of the world along the way: White Castle hamburgers, New York pizza, the illusive search for the lobster-shaped pastry that resulted in getting some stale ones we shared with a homeless man, expert corned beef, and much more to come.

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