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At the Cusp Between Worlds: Everyday Magic, Day 385

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

There’s been a lot of humidity and humility, a big thunder bolt (or two), many rehearsals for “Riverdance,” which some of us faculty performed quite badly (and proud of it) with the real Riverdance dancers projected behind us. There’s been a crazy amount of seitan prepared in new ways, and the hunt for the good cookie.

There’s been walks to the post office, falling in love with the horses and their baby horses, and frequent searches of the schedule for where to go next. There’s also been a lot of love, long talks about how to truly change ourselves and

Right now here, and in 20 minutes, a taxi crossing back over. I carry this world in the one I return to, traveling, traveling, traveling, but not, to paraphrase Joni Mitchell, looking for something (what could it be). Instead I’m traveling with that something inside me.

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Blue Sky
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