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Yup, It’s Hot Out, But It’s Also Kind of Lovely: Everyday Magic, Day 861

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

It’s hot, and it will be hot for the foreseeable future with highs in the 90s through most of the rest of June. Then it turns July, when it’s 100 degrees most days, and the nights not much cooler. So it’s a time to adjust expectations, walk quickly through the heat, and always carry a big hat. I’m falling in with accepting that it’s hot today, it will be hot tomorrow, and any sudden shivers won’t likely show up for months. I’m also remembering how to do summer:

  1. Dinner? Something cold, unless the air-conditioning is powerful, like half a cantaloupe and some smoked fish, or even better, sorbet with chocolate sprinkles. Crackers are also good.

  2. The pool. The water will feel bathtub-temperatured after about a minute, but that first minute is divine. The air feels lovely and cool to the face lifting out of the water.

  3. Iced water, iced tea, iced smoothies, iced coffee, iced coconut-flavored fizz water.

  4. Movie theaters: cialis online tips summer is why they’re here.

  5. Gardening early in the morning when it’s only about 88 degrees and o0% humidity.

  6. Shorts, light dresses (with shorts underneath), sandals and more sleeveless shirts no matter how much the upper arm under-jiggles jiggles.

  7. Splashes of cold water on the water and occasionally down the back.

  8. The freezer: a great place to stick the head.

  9. Lingering in overly-air-conditioned spaces to better experience the sauna of stepping outside.

  10. Accepting that sweat is a part of life.

  11. Flowers ecstatic in bloom and fragrance, plus the rise of the berry family coming to a supermarket near you.

  12. Ceiling fans and all other kinds of fans to blow the hot air toward us.

  13. Being very slow to get anything done but very quick to take an air-conditioned road trip, like drive 80 miles to try the pie in a small town.

  14. Night lifts to a new level of lovely especially with the stars out and wind up.

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