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Why I Love Brooklyn: Everyday Magic, Days 104-105

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

There are so many reasons, but here are some:

  • The smell of the french fries at Nathan’s hot dogs.

  • Not just a tree but thousands of elegant, sometimes ancient and often stunningly beautiful trees grow in Brooklyn.

  • The bonsai trees at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

  • Walking down gentrified but fun 7th Avenue for hours, then going across a tree-canopied street of brownstones to walk down well-lived-in 5th Avenue for hours.

  • Looking into people’s lives, laundry, windows, rooftops and yards as the subway goes high over ground, rising deeper into Brooklyn.

  • Getting out at Coney Island simply because it’s Coney Island.

  • Walking under the elevated subway through Brighton Beach in one of the least touristy parts of New York (where the motto could be, “Get out of my way”) and where all the signs are in Russian, plus we got great fruit at an Israeli store run by people from Central America.

  • Eating plums on the Q train even if we were stopped for 30 minutes

  • Getting a 20-minute foot rub on 5th Avenue in a subway-sized store where Ken got his first pedicure.

  • Eating some of the most exquisite Greek and Middle Eastern food of our lives at a small restaurant on the corner of 7 Ave and 8th Streets.

  • The way many people kept coming up to us, asking us for directions because we obviously seemed so at home here.

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