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What Not To Think About When Trying to Fall Asleep: Everyday Magic, Day 266

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Here’s a partial list:

  1. If it’s worth waking up early and making gluten-free pancakes from scratch.

  2. How many cars I’ve owned in my life.

  3. How many hours it would take to drive from here to Traverse City, Michigan to visit an old friend?

  4. How many yards of fabric it would take to make new curtains?

  5. What bills need to be paid by when.

  6. What are all the big and little deadlines facing me in the next month?

  7. How to love Woody Allen movies while still being freaked out by his personal life.

  8. How to prepare chicken new ways.

  9. What are all the movies Jodie Foster has starred in?

  10. What lurks in the hearts of people who incite evil?

  11. If dogs could fly, would they completely rule cats?

  12. If cats could fly, would they rule the world?

  13. Who is cuter in the film Witness: Harrison Ford, Alexander Godunov, Viggo Mortensen or Kelly McGillis?

  14. What makes lightning bugs glow (besides sex)?

  15. Where have all the people I know who died gone?

  16. How many hours would it take to drive to Colorado at 77 mph hile guzzling iced water and popping M & M’s?

  17. If I fall asleep at this moment, how many hours of sleep would I get, minus waking up two or three times?

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