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What I Learned In 2010: Everyday Magic, Day 168

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

2010 is toast. Here’s what it taught me in a nutshell:

  1. With a cheap, plastic sewing machine under hand, I can still sew…..and to my surprise, I can sew wabi sabi quilts.

  2. I love to play a video game (who knew?) — Typer Shark — although Ken says my typing all those sharks to death could have environmental repercussions.

  3. It wasn’t devastating to have my daughter leave home. And between texting, facebook-messaging, phone-calling and skype, it’s kind of like she didn’t leave.

  4. It’s very cool to have sons taller than me, and in the case of Forest, much taller than me.

  5. I’m blown away by the compassion and community I saw gather around one friend who lost her son, another who lost her wife, and a group of us who lost mutual friends. Death is hard (understatement), but being here for each other is what makes the unbearable bearable.

  6. I can sleep easily with a purring cat on my chest for hours.

  7. If need be, I can lift our 80-pound lab-mation and get her into the car and onto the table at the vet’s.

  8. True but a little sad: I am MUCH healthier without wheat, dairy or sugar in my diet.

  9. True and delightful: I’m most in love with the world and alive — even when not feeling my best — when doing yoga everyday.

  10. “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” is a great movie, and I’m glad to have seen it twice.

  11. There only seems to be one television show at a time that I like/love, and this time, it’s “Bones.”

  12. Sky Islands are singular mountains dotted throughout the Sonoran Desert (and beyond) where the altitude changes creates complete changes in climate.

  13. All estimates for most climate changes I know of were vastly understated, and although my family rolls my eyes when I say this, I don’t think much of the coasts will survive beyond my lifetime (and maybe not more than a decade or two).

  14. Bluebirds in winter, Indigo Bunting in summer, and all of life is good.

  15. I actually like brussel sprouts when chopped finely into stir-fry.

  16. I’m better than I thought at wasting time.

  17. French farce in theater, when done well, is wickedly funny.

  18. Mopping can be magical.

  19. Warmed up enough, I can touch my toes without bending my knees, but I still can’t meditate worth a damn.

  20. Whimsy rules.

  21. Cats are the ones who taught humans all about lying (as in, “No one has fed me for days” ten minutes after they got fed).

  22. Minneapolis and St. Paul blur so seamlessly into each other that it’s easy to lost in the Twin Cities vortex.

  23. There’s nothing that can’t be made better by playing some Laura Nyro, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Kelley Hunt, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Joni Mitchell, Greg Greenway or Louis Armstrong.

  24. I seriously don’t want to know what or how much my kids drink at college or all manner of other things that happen late at night.

  25. Without pressure, and with family I love, I actually kind of don’t always dislike Christmas so much.

  26. Macaroons: the wonder food. All manner of squash too.

  27. It’s always this question: “How to live?” and it’s always this answer, “With kindness.”

Best wishes to all for 2011!

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