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What Are Your Five Best Meals?: Everyday Magic, Day 98

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

1. On a small island off Mombassa after a morning of riding out on the boat (and throwing up over the side as Ken distracted everyone by pointingthe other way and yelling, “Dolphin!”), Ken, his s ister and brother-in-law and I walked down a path to a clearing where there were tables and people sitting there banging something hard. As we got closer, I saw huge platters of fresh (just picked) tropic fruit — mango, banana, oranges, papaya — and other platters piled high with freshly cooked king crab. Ah!!!

2. At the old Paradise (how do I miss thee!) in downtown Lawrence, the champagne chicken.

3. Speaking of the gone-but-not-forgotten downtown, I miss St. Thomas enchiladas (all manner of seafood in a delicate and zingy white sauce) from Tin Pan Alley. Oh. My. God!

4. After walking from my dad’s old store in the subway arcade at Nassau and Fulton Street in New York City uptown for three or four hours, Ken and I — long before we started pumping out those babies — found the most exquisite Greek restaurant on the planet where we

5. Somewhere in Brooklyn, sometime in my childhood, the perfect eggcream (made with no eggs and no cream), and later on, the perfect Napoleon.

Now that I’m all beside myself and need a quick distraction, what are the five great meals of your life?

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