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Twister, the Kitten Who Survived the Joplin Tornado: Everyday Magic, Day 366

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Twister a day after the tornado

About six weeks ago, I reported on a newborn kitten who survived the Joplin Tornado against all odds: her mother vanishing or being killed, flying furniture and parts of houses coming from all directions, and 200-plus mph winds. My sister-in-law and nieces rescued the kitten, who was quickly named Twister, and brought her to Springfield, where they live, and more importantly, where they knew someone with a nursing mama cat.

Turns out the mama cat accepted Twister as one of her own. The mama cat’s human also readily accepted Twister, but only until Twister was weaned, but in the weeks that followed, with the mama cat only nursing her kittens occasionally and Twister needing more, this woman took to carrying Twister to work and

Twister today

feeding the kitten with an eye-dropper regularly. It was no wonder that this woman had a change of heart and now refuses to part with Twister.

Twister is thriving in her new home. In this time of so much worsening news, I take comfort in one small and vulnerable being finding her way through the bottleneck of disaster and loss to a whole life.

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