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Turkeys of a Feather Stick Together: Everyday Magic, Day 156

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Staring at the turkey out this window on this gloomy day when I can't get warm, I was dazzled by her feathers. Iridescent black, brown, dappled, mixed and full of light. This turkey and her compadres were wandering as usual through the backyard, mopping up whatever birdseed the little hopping birds missed.

The turkeys are a constant here, sometimes just a few, and sometimes 17 of them. Come winter, they get more brazen, just like the deer, and almost come up on the deck. They're a presence, low to the ground, able to fly if needed, and moving fast across the road from our approaching cars.

But today, it was simply the coloring of their feathers in the muted light that got my attention. For that alone, I’m happy to put out extra birdseed.

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