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Things To Notice When You’re Sick: Everyday Magic, Day 448

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Sometimes all you can do is notice, and here’s what’s been occurring to me:

  1. When it’s very quiet, it’s easy to hear/feel that pulse in the right ear.

  2. It’s a bad idea indeed to step into any big box store the day after Thanksgiving when feeling feverish, and in such cases, it’s absolutely necessary to step out as quickly as possible.

  3. Tea is good.

  4. Many things in the house buzz or make low-level constant humming sounds.

  5. Our pets are happy when we’re sick. They can lounge and sleep with and on us all day long.

  6. Toast is extremely tasty.

  7. Time moves slowly and deliberately. Movies and books help, but then again, it’s hard to concentrate.

  1. There’s only so much sleeping a person can do, and after that, it’s a haze of half-asleep fleeting images and imaginary conversations with people or animals that may or may not exist.

  2. If I sit absolutely still, everything is fine…..or not.

  3. Baths: early and often.

  4. Things that normally don’t taste good are suddenly very good. Things that usually are absolutely delicious lose their edge.

  5. Late afternoon looks and feels like early morning.

  6. Zen coans make sense. So does the weather. Little else does.

  7. It’s best to mix up the upright and flat out time although the flat out time wins.

  8. In such states, it’s hard to believe that health is coming, but it is.

  9. There’s nothing to do, as in nothing that needs or wants to be done.

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