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There is Life in the Universe Beyond Earth: Everyday Magic, Day 227

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

It may look like a ghost of a worm, but this is a fossil of filaments from an extraterrestrial lifeform

Okay, so we’ve known this in our bones forever, but now scientists have just released definitive proof that there is life out there, beyond our little wonder of earth. According to the Journal of Cosmology and many other sources reporting on the news released Friday, fossilized filaments in meteors prove that other life forms merrily exist on other planets and moons. The article in the journal points especially to one of the moons of Jupiter, and the bounty of life in its oceans.

As I fill up the bathtub, sip coffee and brush off the jolt of an early-morning (for Sunday) phone call that woke me out of a long conversation with Brad Pitt (nice guy in dreams, by the way), I’m feeling a little giddy about this news, and why shouldn’t I? “This is the biggest news of our lives,” Ken told me an hour ago. I think of one of my favorite movies, Contact, and how when the character Jodie Foster played asked the dad character if he thought there was life out there, he replied, “If there wasn’t, it would be a pretty big waste of space.” Knowing the universe abhors a vacuum, we then know the answer.

The blue lines on this moon of Jupiter are oceans

But to see proof, even if my mind has a hard time with the scientific language in this article, is a wondrous thing, showing us that meteorites probably have been carrying life from other planets to our home base for thousands of thousands of years. The extraterrestrials’ fossilized traces have been among us for ages upon ages, and who knows, maybe the extraterrestrials too. Despite political rhetoric to the contrary at times, we are not the center of the universe, and what lies beyond and also in some of the rocks sprung here and there tells of other forms beyond imagination and earthling design.

So today on this happy March morning, let us celebrate that our evidence has caught up with our intuition: there is life in the universe.

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