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The Mystery of a Man’s Sock Drawer: Everyday Magic, Day 713

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Because you want to be prepared for a cell phone upgrade apocalypse

Because you want to be prepared for a cell phone upgrade apocalypse

What does a bathing cap with Japanese writing in it (in magic marker, no less), a box of shotgun shells, and 32 acorns have in common? They all lived, until yesterday, in my husband’s sock drawer, which also contained:

  1. Over 8 Verizon phones, dating back to the Pleistocine era when phones were as big as shoes

  2. $5.27, mostly in pennies

  3. Not one but two boxes of shotgun shells when, according to my husband, there really isn’t a shotgun in the house

  4. Three Christmas ornaments, including a Lion King one that came out with the movie

  5. One love letter from me, and six cards written by members of a church, wishing God’s love on Ken as he traveled to Peru (three years ago) to help build wheelchairs

  6. A Boy Scout hat although none of our kids made it past Cub Scouts.

  7. A small, square mirror to signal distress

  8. Two giraffe wooden napkin holders (what the….)


We are not socks

  1. Three flashlights, none with batteries

  2. Two books of matches, including one from an ill-fated trip to Gatlinburg, TN (what were we thinking?) in 1993. None of the matches worked anymore

  3. Handmade wallet found at yard sale in 1987 but too bulky to actually use.

  4. One roman candle, just in case

  5. 17 mateless socks

  6. Three pairs of socks

Now that this mystery is solved, I’m thinking about bigger and better mysteries, such as what lives behind the washing machine

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