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The Laughter of Men: Everyday Magic, Day 747

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

I woke to the laughter of men. Ken and Forest got up far earlier to pick up Daniel at the train station after an all-night-and-then-some ride from Albuquerque to Lawrence. Once they returned, what did they do? Drink coffee and watch videos together, anything that made them laugh. First I heard Daniel’s laughter, then a lower-pitched round of laughter from Ken, overlapping with Ken’s laughter.

Given that it was a bunch of guys laughing hard in the early morning chill of the dining room, I can only guess they were watching videos like this one, which show dozens of ways to decimate a pumpkin because that’s the kind of thing that makes them laugh the hardest and longest. Either that or whatever the 2013 equivalent of The Three Stoogers is.

Meanwhile, I wound the quilts and cats around me tighter, flipped my pillow to the cooler side, and curled back into Sunday morning sleep, the music of men’s laughter encapsulating my dreams.

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