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The Goodnight Tornado: Everyday Magic, Day 539

Updated: Oct 16

Goodnight, Texas

Goodnight, Texas, land of expanse and loneliness,

where the sky makes up for in height whatever you need

in width. Goodnight, tumbleweed and stark blue

against the gray fingers of cloud. Goodnight, billowing light

and speed, especially the turning away from and toward

that parents one errant tornado trip across the home

of sage and javelina, snakes pouring themselves underground

and the glistening vultures, who cleared out ahead of the front.

Goodnight, cobalt sky tipping darker as you rise. Goodnight,

rain and reflecting pond, where all secrets reveal themselves.

Goodnight, old story of old weather, and goodnight, waking panorama

of what’s to come. Goodnight to the whitest clouds, edged with

momentum, and the myriad angles of gray, surging ahead

with danger tucked into its folds. Goodnight, everything ready

to vanish, moved over the cusp of time by the coming stars

patterned on the clearest night sky the coyotes ever saw.

#Goodnight #StephenLocke #Texas #Tornado

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