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The Girl and the Luna Moth: Everyday Magic, Day 289

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

When Natalie was 10, our friend Coco took a beautiful picture of her with a lunar moth on her birthday, April 28, which happens to coincide with the arrival of both beautiful creatures. So on her 19th birthday, late into a long birthday party for her, it was so surprise when Ken announced there was a lunar moth on the other side of our bedroom window. The dozen of us lounged around the living room -- talking about movies, then dietary restrictions ("This is your future, kids," I told the 18-22-somethings looking at us in horror) -- jumped to our feet and marched into our bedroom to see the moth.

Many photographs later of Natalie with the moth, Natalie with the moth and me, Natalie with moth and various friends, we had our 2011 version of her face near the iridescent green of this totem of spring, telling us the new season has begun, so hold on to your hat in the big weather and watch what happens next. We’ve felt the same way since Natalie arrived in our world 19 years ago.

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