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Blue Sky

The Cedars Are Full of Birds: Everyday Magic, Day 473

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Years ago, Ken made up a chant:

Blue prairie winter sky Sun shines brightly Wind blows lightly The cedars are full of birds

Today is such a day: the temperatures have finally shimmied down to respectful winter climes, the sky is large and full of light, and the cedars out this winter are so full of birds that if you could shake them, I imagine dozens falling out all directions.

It’s also the first sorta kinda regular day after the holidaze, compressed so much more this year by Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years all coming within 10 days. Sitting in my living room, I watch our old cat Judy, the one with PTSD, roll in the sun, continually working her New Year’s resolution to be a nice cat instead of a fur-attacking machine. Rolling is particularly easy for her because she’s shaped like a giant egg.

Behind me, Ken and Jerry work on the very long process of installing the corn pellet stove while Daniel pumps iron in the basement, Natalie borrows yoga pants to go work out with me, and Forest dreams of video games and pizza.

The year is new, the light is fine and clear, and the day is ready for whatever we make of it on this blue prairie winter day.

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Blue Sky
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