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The Birds and the Possibili-Bees: Everyday Magic, Days 292-295

Updated: Oct 2

Sitting under the eaves outside the main building at Brave Voice, the swifts and bees diving past us in the fast wind that moves them and they create with their flight, I overheard some of our participants have this conversation:

“They’re wood bees.” “Would bees?” “Yes, would bees.” “So they’re possibili-bees?”

Since we started Sunday night, it’s been a hive of possibili-bees in terms of what we’re writing, singing, talking about, exploring, discovering and admiring. Take the yellow iris for instance. Or the lake at sunset, a pale silver blue in motion matching the pale silver blue of the fading sky. Or the moment during yoga yesterday when, with our arms stretched out in Warrior I, the chorus of “When You Walk Through A Storm” came out, and we all belted out, “You’ll…….Never……Walk…..Alone!!!!”

So what if the high is 94 today? The wind is cool, the shade is ample, and the lake holds us in breeze and humidity. The food is good and the singing is happening, and today will unfold into massages for some, bellydancing for many, walks and wanders for others, deep listening and expansive writing, art and music as the would-bees do their magic.

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