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Blue Sky

Surprise Lilies: Everyday Magic, Day 948

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Surprise Lilies Green shots, pink ribbons

in the alley lining the dumpster

or the driveway around the broken mowers,

past moving out date, before school buses

in the open slash between the heat that levels us

and the storms on the next page of the horizon.

When you don’t know, when you’re lost,

when there’s nowhere to stand

there they are, never bent or expected.

They thrive on what you’ve forgotten about,

given away or never used.

They love fences but don’t need them,

petal in attention, but go on regardless.

They come on their own terms, a slip

of pink time writing life one quick note

that says, stop being so predictable,

go outside in the middle of the night

when the air is lush and almost cool, and look.

Remember all is changing, all is enough.

Thanks to Kelley Hunt for her photo.

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Blue Sky
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