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Blue Sky

Supercell in Poetry & Video: Everyday Magic, Day 344

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

As Stephen Locke an


for Stephen

Did you think your life was straight as this road,

something that could be time-lapsed into a predictable gait?

Did you ever try to map lightning, predict when

the thunderhead would pause and fold in on itself?

Have you pointed to a place in the clouds and said,

“there” just before a ghost cloud twisted briefly into form?

It is all nothing, then supercell, multiple stikes through

the clouds while the tips of the grass shimmer awake.

From the deep blue that narrates your life

comes the pouring upward of white curves and blossoms.

From the dark, comes the thunder. Then the violet flash.

From the panorama of what you think you know

comes the collapse of sky, falling on you right now

whether you’re watching the weather or not.

The world dissolves, reforms. What comes surprises,

motion moving all directions simultaneously, like the

losses you carry, talismans strung through your days, singing

of those you’ve loved deep as the blue framing the storm.

It rains for a moment in the field, in your heart,

then the weather stretches open its hand of life and says,

here, this whole sky is for giving.

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Blue Sky
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