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Spray-Painting a Bunch of Stuff: Everyday Magic, Day 707

Updated: Sep 29, 2023


Today gave me three opportunities to wield some spray paint colors, namely bright blue, grape purple and deep green, while aiming at a chair, a file cabinet, and a little wooden cabinet that has been recycled from holding baby blankets to remote controls and wii boards to its next assignment of holding fabric. All these objects are going into my office, which is quite a mess of revision as it changes from mere place to write and pay bills to grand art table, sewing space and writing studio. There’s also an astonishingly heavy door involved, which I was wise enough not to spray paint.


Now it’s the quiet wait while all dries enough, the great exertion of energy to carry and haul them into place, and then the dazzlement of however they look together. There may be fumes in the air, but there’s also a palpable buzz carrying me through a project that doesn’t require much thinking, clock-watching, speaking or writing. Sometimes the project that leads to future projects is the most happy of all.

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Blue Sky
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