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Sparkling Night Snow: Everyday Magic, Day 787

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

The daytime snow doesn't glitter like the nighttime snow, but it's ruffled with ridges

The daytime snow doesn’t glitter like the nighttime snow, but it’s ruffled with ridges

Tonight as I walked from the center of campus to the dorms, and then from one faculty dorm across the wide expanse to my own, I was beguiled by the night snow. New snow all day, a sky teaming with starlight, street posts of soft lamplight, and bright sharp lights from the tops of each building made the snow sparkle like I’ve never seen snow before. Turn my head, and millions of silver pinpoints swirled across the white piles, pathways, and fields.

Morning snow after a night of wild glitter dancing

Morning snow after a night of wild glitter dancing

Just back at my dorm after 11 p.m. here, I turned my head to see the moon slipping out of a thin cloud, lighting up the snow from yet another angle. Given I only had my phone (with its small camera) on me, I knew I wasn’t equipped to capture what I was seeing in image, only in these words, which don’t sparkle but hopefully remind you little to nothing that glitters is gold, especially in Vermont in winter.

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