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Little Delights for the Not-So-Easily Discouraged: Everyday Magic, Day 415

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

I'm always keeping my eye out for little delights: whimsy on the hoof, strange magic, unusual appearances and surprising juxtapositions of color, technology, texture and sound. Here's what I've seen over the last week that, to paraphrase the great sign on my friend KT Walsh's house (see picture on left) brings me joy for the not-so-easily discouraged.

  • A very vertical Target in downtown Minneapolis allows customers to bring their cart upstairs and down through this sleek cart escalator. It made me laugh hysterically. Natalie, on the other hand, was all smiles because that cart was full of food to fill up her bare cupboards.

  • Darth Vader and friends in downtown Lawrence, and who’s that with Darth? Looks like Chewy. Darth even had that mechanized voice, heavy breathing and all. I particularly like the cool kid with sun glasses and a casual look, as if he was expecting Star Wars on 7th Street.

  • This intriguing combination of color and texture on Rhode Island Street.

  • KT’s yard is a combination garden of kitchen

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