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It’s Graduation Day: Everyday Magic, Days 25-26

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Today I watched nine of our students graduate -- nine people who came here to Goddard College with a passion for studying something of their own design, and who, through the process of looking deep and wide and trusting where they were led, found their way to astonishing projects.

  • Mike Alvarez wrote a stunning thesis on the connections between

  • Jame Vincent created a collage of poetry, prose poems, fiction and dialogue along with a critical paper to study the intersections of

  • Bernard Carey, in studying the absence of fathers in African-American homes, ended up co-writing a play with his daughter, who he had abandoned as a child; a performance of great healing and courage.

  • Amanda Lacson took her study of mythology and love into

  • Jaki Elmo, through the lens of speculative fiction, explored how fiction can help us navigate and see anew the possibilities of our world and she happened to write an entire speculative fiction novel along the way.

  • Angela Davis studied how mainstream European culture in the Middle Ages monster-ized the “other” — particularly Moslems and Jews, and what this says about our time today.

  • Jenny Gundy wrote a memoir about embodiment, earth and homecoming and wrote about ecology and culture.

  • Jes Wright looked at how motherhood generic cialis next day delivery could be a source of liberation

  • Griffin Brady created the Slyboots Guide to Living and Drumming — a curriculum based on his world-wide study of drumming across cultures.

As I watched these people give presentations in the last few days and graduate today, I felt such pride and love for their work. All of these graduates brought such bravery and vision to their work, giving themselves over to their heart’s calling, what their life is leading them toward.

What was most moving to me, however, was watching the graduates’ families —

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