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In Praise of Goodness: Diane Silver’s Essential Project

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

My friend and writer Diane Silver has just interviewed me for her blog, In Praise of Goodness. This blog is part of a year-long project Diane just started, “365 days to answer an impossible question,” as she calls it. She has started posting every day, beginning this June, on ways to see, question, understand, explore whatever any of us mean by goodness. She’s also bravely interviewing all sorts of people, and although I was the first, there will be many others, including multitudes who hold very different perspective and live very different life stories than Diane. In fact, she has one post called “The Preacher, the Store Owner, the Sufi and the White Power Guy” about who she plans to talk with during the year.

Why is she doing this? As she writes, “I’m doing this because I suspect that goodness – or its lack – may be the central issue of our day, and I want to test this hypothesis. Are war, terrorism, economic collapse, poverty, environmental catastrophe, bigotry, oppression, hatred, crime and a multitude of other human ills the result of an absence of goodness? Is there a patch of evil in the human heart, head and/or soul that keeps us from doing right? If so, what is the cure? How the heck do we as individuals and a society attain this holy grail of goodness?”

I encourage any of us concerned with goodness, that is, any of us with a heartbeat, to visit her site, and consider following her tweets and blogs daily. It’s a good thing!

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