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In Praise of a 27-Year-Old Food Processor: Everyday Magic, Day 663

Updated: Oct 4, 2023


We received the food processor as a mega gift from five friends, who chipped in to buy it for us as a wedding gift. Back in 1985, such machines weren’t standard in most kitchens, but it turned out to be a much-needed extravagance, mainly because it’s what makes it possible to whip up several hundred latkes each Hanukkah for our annual party.

No wonder that our food processor has seen the likes of thousands of potatoes (onions, carrots and sweet potatoes too), transforming the hastily-cut (just enough to fit through the openings) vegetables. It’s been the centerpiece at every latke-making debacle, often ending the covered covered with dried spud. It’s also been very patient about spending much of the year shoved in the back of a cabinet, its parts hiding in drawers or the dish rack before being reassembled to do its shredding and pureeing magic.

Sometimes, the older something is, the more I’m inclined to keep it going to extend its legacy. But after the shredder attachment broke, most of the the bottom holding in the motor snapped off, and the puree-ing part went haywire, turning potatoes into potato juice, it was time to let it go. Its replacement, purchased in Modor for a mere $24.82, is on the counter, ready to transform piles of vegetables into trays full of crispy-fried goodness.

So goodbye, old party appliance! May your transition be swift, and may your next life bring you again into the center of warmth, light and perhaps even your best friend (and mine), the potato.

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