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I Love My Work: Everyday Magic, Day 99

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Just had a wonderful phone conference with my students, calling into this giant dark room (what phone conferences feel like to me) where we sit around an invisible round table, talk about our work, struggles, breakthroughs, questions, ponderings, reckonings and findings in their studies. Calling in together from up and down the Eastern Seaboard and from here in Kansas and a few places in between, we share the weather, and then the weather of everyone's studies. Considering my students this semester are looking at overlapping circles of creativity, the sacred feminine, memory and time, voice, the role of the artist, right livelihood, sound and healing, writing with intention and power, and liberation, the conversation flows down wide banks into the personal, the political and the everyday life in between.

Because of the nature of the student-teacher relationship, that’s all the detail I can share, except to say, and yeah, I love my job!

Picture: The actual room we met in at Goddard in Vermont, and our beloved round table.

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