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I Get All My News From Facebook Too: Everyday Magic, Day 652

Updated: Oct 4, 2023


  • The wonderful, local writer Jennifer Lawler shares her 14th installment of “How a Book is Born”

  • The ghost of Christmas Future Perfect Passive tells Scrooge, “Ebenezer! You will have been disappointed with your life” although both the ghost and Ebenezer are quickly-drawn chickens.

  • A woman is arrested for riding a manatee.

  • Instructions for how to catch a cat (hint: use a box).

  • The Star Trek 2 official synopsis is revealed.

  • People still really love bacon.

  • Great photo going around of Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton with the caption, “Clinton-Obama 2016: The First ‘First Lady’ Ticket.”

  • Tina Turner’s birthday is today, and boy, does she look stunning!

  • If you’re feeling sad and depressed, you might be suffering from capitalism.

  • Beware ducks who call themselves James Pond.

  • The musical score for Moonrise Kingdom is now released.

  • LaVetta is grateful for awesome azure skies.

  • It’s 16 degrees (or at least, it was in Emporia a few hours ago according to Stacey).

  • My friend Brad in Vermont sings a mean version of Dylan’s “Visions of Johanna”

  • The link about facebook privacy issues is making the rounds.

  • Great little Charles Bukowski poem is traveling about.

  • Duke University is offering a free introduction to astronomy class.

  • A little baby fell sound asleep under a pile of pug puppies.

  • It wasn’t pretty, but KU won last night.

  1. Our friend Rachel Black sings marvelous Gilbert and Sullivan.

  2. Hitman monkey finds no joy in his job.

  3. Etta James sings “I’d Rather Go Blind”

  4. “F*ck you, I’m From Kansas” shares the moving story of remodeling a house that cost only a few years’ worth of hair cuts to bring a father and daughter together.

  5. Pico Iyer wrote a wonderful essay called “The Snake in the Grass” about what we worry about and why: “We worry only about exactly those things we can never do anything about. And then that very fact becomes something else we worry about. The cycle goes on and on until we let the mind give over to something larger — wiser — than itself.”

  6. My B-O-B-I-L (brother-of-brother-in-law) had a lovely dinner last night.

  7. Margaret “always follows her dreams…except the one where she gets spinach stuck in her teeth on a date with George Clooney.”

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