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Hunting the Haunting in Chelsea: Everyday Magic, Day 106

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Having just meandered through thick clumps of crowds around Chelsea to find the parade, all we found were the crowds, so deep along the sidewalk that we couldn't glimpse anything but one guy on stilts and waves of my claustrophobia. So instead we gave up, ducked down 16th street over to 7th Avenue, and walked north through the real parade, the fellow parade dispossessed and dissuaded who brought humor, pizazz and a bit of fright to the streets and the night.

Everywhere the crowds were happy if not a little crushed together at times, and the costumes often wildly imaginative and also nonsensical (like why was the Avatar woman walking around in circles with a guy dressed like a big pink bunny?). Up until tonight, we saw mostly dozens of kids all over New York and Brooklyn out Treat-or-Treating, which seems to go on for about three days here, but when the haunting time lands in earnest, the adults get green, go native, or turn into the cards, milk containers and wolves they always were at heart.

Tomorrow I'll miss all the costumes and prancing, but wait, what am I talking about? I'm in Chelsea where people seem to understand and live the Halloween spirit long after the candy is gone.#Halloween

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