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How Cats Tell Stories: Everyday Magic, Day 736

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Sid cattily winding his tale around Miyako’s neck, yet another cat story

Sidney Iowa Goldberg (aka Iowa lesbian wedding kitten) re-enacted triumph and death today as Shay the dog watched with great interest. As we watched on, I realized this is how cats tell stories, not with words, but with theatrical panache. Here is Sid’s story from today:

Sid leaps two feet up, pounces a small mouse despite the fact that the mouse is already dead. Translation (in Sid’s voice, as best we can decipher): This is how I killed a mouse with my wicked-good agility, alertness and strength.

Sid places the mouse beside him, lies down, looks the other way, pretends to be bored. Translation: I pretend I’m not interested so the mouse so it will run away, one of many great strategic moves on my part.

Noticing the mouse is not moving, Sid looks to the left nonchalantly while his paws scurry to the right to surround the mouse, move in for the catch and toss him down the hall. Translation: The mouse is getting away! Never fear though. I will prevail!

Sid rushes down the hall, dives and catches the mouse, which he carries gingerly in his jaw, so as not to injure the dead mouse. He trots down the hall to then present his booty to us all. Translation: Look what I caught! I am a genius hunter like no other cat in the history of catkind before me, but I will not let it get to my head.

Rolling our eyes after seeing this performance replayed many times, Ken steps in, picks up the mouse by the tip of his tail, and tosses it outside for a proper burial. A new story begins for Sid, this one an opera, in which he wails. Translation: Oh where of where has my little mouse gone!

The curtain drops by way of Sid finding a new story to tell: the tale of attacking his own tail.

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