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Honey Bear Solstice Salon: Everyday Magic, Day 752

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Honey bear salon

Hanukkah Lenny arrived late and didn’t get a good place to perch, but you can see how much he’s listening intently to his mates.

The teddy bears may have a picnic, but in our house, it’s the honey bears who congregate. Today they held their solstice salon. Their birds and bees gathering was catalyzed by the addition of yet another of their kin going by the name of “Bees and Booze” Daniel returned home from NW New Mexico last night, bearing this bear from the Four Corners region as a gift for me.

Little did Daniel know that many others preceded him in giving me honey, including a poet from South Carolina, and a beloved friend and bee artist from north of the river. For whatever reason, it seems people are often giving Ken or me honey, and often in the form of a bear. Since we love sweetness and forest creatures, all is well with this arrangement. We I just can’t eat the honey fast enough to get down to one or two bears, but surely, that’s the way the bears, social as they all, prefer it.

With Bees and Booze now in our home, we felt we had to introduce him to his kin, so out came all the other bears and bearers of honey. Because he’s been rather lonely since we’ve finished lighting his candles, Hanukkah Lenny the menorah joined the solstice salon. Not having arms to pass around a talking circle, they simply crescented a small emblem of flower and hummingbird, where they got into all kinds of sticky topics, from colony collapse to diminishing woods where a real bear can do his stuff. Based on their honeyed attitude toward the life force, I’m sure the convergence was sweet for all before all went back into hibernation on a high level in the pantry.

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