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Five Funny Things To Watch When You Need to Distract Yourself: Everyday Magic, Day 128

Updated: Sep 27

“Graham Chapman, co-author of the Parrot Sketch, is no more,” begins John

David Sadaris, how do I love thee? There’s “8 Questions After Graduation” (in six parts), his great stint on Letterman, “6-8 Black Men,” and “Jesus Shaves.” Best of all, here he sings commercial jingles in the voice of Billie Holliday. You can find even more on youtube and keep yourself in a state of screen-induced euphoria for hours.

Reese Witherspoon’s “Bend and Snap” scene from Legally Blonde, is both funny and inspiring. It can also work as a mild exercise routine.

Of course, for the chocolate lovers, there’s always Lucille Ball trying to wrap the candy rushing down the assembly line.

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