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“Can We Keep Him?” or If You Give a Chocolate Lab a Bagel…..: Everyday Magic, Day

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

I know you’re not supposed to feed dogs bagels, but when the chocolate lab in our car — who showed up this snowy morning on our porch — stared mournfully over my shoulder as I ate my bagel, what could we do? Ken went back into the bagel shop to get one for the dog.

And what a dog: a beautiful teenage boy of a chocolate lab (from what we can tell). He was nose to nose with our black lab, Mariah this morning, each of them on a different side of the screen, fast friends and ready to play. We don’t know where he came from, if he was abandoned or lost, only that he loved us immediately, and when I opened the car door, he bounded in with great happiness.

We figured we’d drop him off at the Humane Society on the way to the airport (I fly to Vermont soon), but the Humane Society was closed until 9, and we needed to leave for KCI before then. So the dog gets a bagel and rides to the airport and rides to the airport and back.

It didn’t take long, maybe a minute or so, after meeting this sweetheart puppy for us to start wondering, especially since he’s pretty thin and in need of a bath (which could mean he’s not well-loved)……..what if no one claims him? And since it seems our very old female dog already likes this very young male dog, it might be pretty wonderful to have a set of labs. So we’ll see what happens. Meanwhile, all it took was one text picture to Natalie and Forest riding with the dog and us on his way to school this morning for both of them, and me too, to ask, “Can we keep him?”

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