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Blizzard of Oz, Take Three: Everyday Magic, Day 688

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

For years, we had so little snow here, or only one big storm in a season leaving a mere third or half a foot behind. While there have been many snowdays (ice on top of a scattering of snow, high winds and a few inches), we haven’t had a winter like this in so long that I don’t know how long it’s been.


Snow defines the days. We’ve moved a meeting set for here this afternoon, and I just shifted Passover, for the first time ever, to an in-town location lest seder-goers get their cars stuck in snow banks.

Meanwhile, there are snow things to do, getting to be almost routine in these parts, such as taking the same pictures I took last month of the same snow-full views, making a whole lot of soup, and just staring out at what will soon be gone. During the last snow, I tried to truly take in the beauty and magic of this sky-to-earth transformation, telling myself I probably wouldn’t see something like this for a year or many years again. I’m delighted I was wrong.

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