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Blue Sky

Biz Baz, Outsider Art & Astonishment: Everyday Magic, Day 132

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

When Natalie was about eight, she and her cousins sold candy in mason jars, and soon she graduated to a state where she sold beta fish in mason jars and also tiny zen gardens. This means I spent years sitting among the unusual and odd, artistic and off-beat, life aloud in color and texture from inner and outer views of the planet and other delights of the Biz Baz.

Now it’s happening all over again, and today Natalie worked someone else’s stand while I came home and cleaned, but not until I did my own Biz Baz viewing, through the tightly-strung-with-little-stands rooms and aisles filling every nook of the art centers. Long live Biz Baz and its founding mamas!

Founding mama Dixie Lubin and her goddess art, and gift-wrapping with sparkle from Ardys.

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Blue Sky
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