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Blue Sky

A View of the Full Moon From the Almost-Home: Everyday Magic, Day 741

Updated: Sep 28, 2023


Over 20 years ago, pre-radio tower and pre-housing development, I spent hours in this very field, figuring out my kitchen view of the sky and bedroom leaning toward the woods. This was where we would live, we decided, for the rest of our

It happened one bright spring day, too cold to not have a coat. We walked to the west side of the hill, sat down on the slope and looked at the sky. “We could just build here,” Ken said. “We could see the weather coming.” A click. We both knew instantly. So we changed plans in a hurry, and began dreaming out a southwest-facing home instead of a due-eastern one.

It’s worked beautifully for us. We like looking into the future, tracking the weather to come, far more than seeing the tail-end of what’s leaving slowly or in a hurry. Being in such a place means we’re more exposed, but we’re okay with this trade-off.

Now, almost 20 years later, we watch the moon rise over the past. Large and orange, it makes all we see glow awake. Then we return through the dense forest, stepping gingerly among raspberry bushes and fallen branches, finding the old road back to our home. Once it’s in sight, so is the night sky, welcoming us back.

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Blue Sky
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