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A List of Things Shay the Dog Has Eaten Or Tried to Eat: Everyday Magic, Day 586

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

“I is bad but very sweet too”

Ken’s pants (mostly the waist and some of the back)

  1. Three large, eucalyptus-scented candles

  2. A box of hard pastels (he couldn’t crunch them, so gave up)

  3. Bill Remmer’s hat (baseball-cap style)

  4. A small, supposedly-indestructible purse with 14 pockets and sections

  5. Three onions and a large head of garlic (only took one bite out of each, then left all on Natalie’s bed)

  6. Part of a spiral-bound journal I wrote in 1978

  7. A whole loaf of bread, excluding plastic bag

  8. Many whole apples, seeds, stem and all

  9. Section of graham crackers

  10. Wrap the graham crackers were in (gave up on this)

  11. Several large carrots

  12. Small container of yogurt, including bite of the container

  13. A quarter of Daniel’s leather wallet

  14. A large box of very stale Milkbones he found in the pantry, including part of box

  15. A box of crayons (until I took them away from him)

  16. Stuffed animal frog holding a heart

  17. One third of a box on the future of American agriculture

  18. Two paper plates stained with hamburger

  19. Stool of thread (we were able to pull that out of his mouth before he swallowed it)

  20. Handful of unground coffee beans

  21. All manner of cat litter

  22. Multiple sandwiches when the sandwich eater wanders off for a moment

  23. Anything made by Wheatfields (Shay is a Wheatfields man)

  24. Small, catnip-filled stuffed mouse

  25. Plateful of rice and beans flavored with ample sriracha sauce, left out as trap to train him not to eat our food (except it turns out that he loves very hot sauce)

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