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20 Things To Do When It's Above 100 Degrees: Everyday Magic, Day 364

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

In Kansas in the summer, we’ve become experts on this! Here’s some ideas:

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair, slumped down for extra comfort, in front of an air-conditioner with an overhead fan on, and read some trashy magazines.

  2. Go to a movie. Any movie. As long as it’s funny. Even if it’s stupid.

  3. Eat ice cream for dinner and fruit for dessert.

  4. Drink iced tea, water, coffee, juice…..a lot of it.

  5. Go swimming, but only in the morning before the water is the same temperature as a bathtub.

  6. Take a lovely walk wearing as little as publicly acceptable at about 10 p.m. when the temperature drops to 90.

  7. Wander through big box stores with iced beverage in hand. Don’t buy anything but allow yourself to stare at massive screens full of moving images.

  8. Go to a bookstore. Stay there for a long time (as long as it’s air-conditioned).

  9. Go back to sleep and wake up when it’s cooler….in September sometime.

  10. Go the basement and sort nuts and bolts.

  11. Get a watermelon, chill it, and then eat it as your cialis online in us main meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  12. Forget about dishes, laundry and anything else that requires heat.

  13. Take a lukewarm bath or shower several times each day.

  14. Sit in the path of a big fan and plan your next vacation to the Arctic.

  15. Look over old pictures from when there was four feet of snow hiding your car. Remember what a difference a season makes.

  16. Do what the animals do: lie on the cool floor, stretched out, sleeping for hours.

  17. Call a friend in Houston or Tucson for perspective. Call a friend in Vermont or the Yukon to make fun of their 70 or 80-degree “heat wave.”

  18. Don’t use the stove when it’s over 90 degrees, the burners when it’s over 100. Tell the kids that frozen peas taste good (frozen grapes especially good).

  19. Don’t make any major decisions, especially about where to move, until October.

  20. Get in the car, turn the a.c. and radio way up, and drive somewhere… maybe Colorado to about 13,000 feet where you’ll need a winter coat.

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