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Depressing Day & Astonishing (Virtual) Aurora Borealis: Everyday Magic, Day 251

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

  1. This long, fast-moving time-lapses video in the borderlands between Norway and Russia shows dazzling arrays of stars as green waves shoot up and wave their flags over time. The cool Gladiator soundtrack adds to the magic.

  2. This National Geographic video, also shot in Norway, moves like the wind, and lets you hear the wind too.

  3. While this video is composed of still images, the colors knocked my socks off.

  4. More still images, but with an Enya sountrack (strangely enough, the song is called “Caribbean Blue”), this video features some lovely images of the earth itself under the influence of green flares.

There’s nothing like sitting in bed late a night in our pjs, all lights out, with a little computer between us and watching the dancing, shimmering colors of a sky half-way around the globe from us. I also know our own sky will break back into vivid shine in its own dance…….eventually.

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Blue Sky
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